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How do we operate?
Here is the FAQ.

Operating hours:
10:00AM to 5:30PM, Monday through Saturday. Other hours by appointment.

Pricing: Here is a chart for paperback pricing.
Paperbacks are approximately 1/2 of the original U.S. cover price, with a $1.00 minimum.
Most hardcovers are between $5.00 & $10.00 unless marked otherwise. There is no fixed relationship between the original price of a hardcover and our selling price. Many that were expensive when new are worth little used, & others are worth much more than they originally cost.
All of our prices are subject to change without notice.

We accept cash, checks, money orders, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

visa discover amex mastercard

Yes, we trade, roughly "two-for-one". When you bring in books, we give you approximately 1/4 of the original U.S. cover prices as a trade credit. The exceptions to this are older books or damaged books. Hardcovers prices vary, but in any case, we give you credit for half of what we can sell them for.

We maintain a card file for credit. Your credit is entered on a card in the file, and may be used by you or anyone you designate. You don't have to do your trading when you bring your books in, but may do so any time within one year.
Credit records unused for a year are removed, unless prior arrangements are made.
We do not convert trade credit to cash.

We have a "Like for Like" policy on trading. In general you have to take out the same type of books you bring in (e.g. - if you bring in romances, you MUST take out romances). Paperbacks can be traded toward hardcovers only if the hardcovers are priced under $7.50. More expensive books can only be traded for by special arrangement.

Audio Books:
We price these like we do paperbacks. We sell them for ½ the original price and give ¼ of the original price as a credit. Audiobooks may not be traded for unless you bring in other audio books.

Unless arranged in advance, we do not give cash refunds on returned items, only credit.

Maps, comics and magazines:
We carry a few. Please ask about their location and availability.

Search Service & Appraisal Service:
We do while-you-wait book searches & appraisals. There is a $1.00/book charge.

You can usually get in touch with us during business hours by any of these methods:

Phone: (406) 257-5573

Email: jhh at blacktailbooks.com

Blacktail Mountain books
42 First Avenue West
Kalispell, MT 59901